Quote from Ansgar Hörsting, President of the Confederation of Free Evangelical Communities |text source

"Moved by God's love we build living communities."

We want to live and work under this leitmotiv: God's love is to move us. We want to build communities. These are to be living communities, which arise and gather themselves in the federation FeG. Our initials describe something like the genetic fingerprint of "FeG". It is worth getting to know us.

"F" for Free

"e" for evangelical

"G" for Church


"When the Son sets you free, you are truly free," Jesus says of himself. Free from sin, from oppressive care, from enslaving lies. We want to discover and live this freedom. Free evangelical congregations also want to spread the message of Jesus Christ with words and deeds. This is why the churches do not isolate themselves, but share their lives with those who are still skeptical and cautious regarding Jesus. That is why they are also founding new churches. They are continually seeking suitable ways to convey the gospel in a contemporary and universally comprehensible form.

The "gospel" is the "good news" of God's love. He showed this in a unique way in Jesus Christ. When he died and arose two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ created salvation for us humans. This is God's liberating grace. It also creates the faith with which we are still rooted in this love. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and we only know it reliably of Jesus Christ in it. Christ, grace, faith, and the Bible - these are the "evangelical" characteristics that make us live.

Jesus Christ is the center of the church. That is why the prerequisite for membership is personal faith in Him. Each church is independent and discovers and needs the talents of its members. Her pastors and co-workers are appointed within the church’s own responsibility. The church finances itself through donations and decides on all important questions independently. The church is the place for personal and communal growth. With other congregations, it forms an alliance and shares with Christians worldwide the apostolic creed.